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Video Motion Analysis

A gait and running assessment includes a biomechanical video analysis of your lower limbs whilst walking and running on a treadmill.

This can identify the underlying cause of persistent and recurrent problems such as low back, hip, thigh, knee, ankle or foot pain; particularly if this comes on during or after exercise such as walking, running or playing sport.

Its also beneficial if you undertake sport at high level and are looking to maximise your performance. Postural analysis will be used to assess the relationship of your head, torso, shoulders, pelvis, hips,
knees and your feet/ankles.

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An initial 45-minute assessment will include a short interview to understand the exact nature of your problem and how it is affecting you. Any relevant examinations to test joint function, muscle length and dynamic stability will be completed if necessary.

You will need to bring shorts, a sports T-shirt and your normal sports or running shoes to the initial assessment, please include any current shoe orthotics that you may use. Clients need to be familiar with using a treatmill to ensure their normal gait / running pattern is observed.

A discussion of our findings and recommendations will be provided to rectify the problems / movement restrictions you are experiencing. This will include advice on appropriate footwear and any chair side or prescription custom shoe orthotics.

If you would like to book this service please select an Initial Assessment and Video Motion Analysis
through our online appointment booking system or call 01273 858499.

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